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25/07/2017 22:55:29Written whilst in a queue, onna phone.
25/07/2017 22:55:29They stood in the queue. Bags of fresh literature in their arms, they waited.
25/07/2017 22:55:29They had waited years for this moment. Years to meet the creator of their theoretical hero, the guide of 500-page adventures, through foreign lands, exotic tongues, trials and tribulations, they waited patiently for their turn.
25/07/2017 22:55:29The desk beckoned. The author looked up. All planned questions went from their minds, like some mental vacuum cleaner, leaving the single sentence:
25/07/2017 22:55:29Attempt N at mobile productivity of words.
05/12/2013 08:54:49and 56,000 feet.
05/12/2013 08:54:491 lightening talk.
05/12/2013 08:54:491 feature film (credited)
23/03/2012 15:58:32Rinse and repeat. At glacial speed.
23/03/2012 15:58:32Another year, another post. This is possibly the most minimal blog system ever, by both volume *and* frequency.
23/03/2012 15:58:322 projects now public, the next one in build, one still in minimal alpha.
14/03/2011 22:05:58and thus, available spare time goes even faster. Currently 2 sideprojects in alpha, 2 in skunkworks level.
14/03/2011 22:05:58Sooner or later there'll be enough time to update this more than once every N months. Or did I say that circa 7 years ago?
14/11/2010 09:12:56As a storage system, is that raid0 stripe, or raid1 mirror?
06/10/2010 11:54:59RAID sets. Because storage dies.
06/10/2010 11:54:59Noises You Don't Want To Hear From A Hard Drive
06/10/2010 11:54:59Clank, clank, clank.
25/09/2010 23:16:07Do It Like You Mean It...
25/09/2010 23:16:07...or don't do it at all.
21/09/2010 12:42:37Workplace (Social) Science Experiment.
21/09/2010 12:42:37This will tell you more about your co-workers and/or management than you could possibly imagine.
21/09/2010 12:42:373) At end of the week, count people with only one nostril.
21/09/2010 12:42:372) Mix together, and leave in a small bag in your meeting room.
21/09/2010 12:42:371) Get some talc and some caustic soda.
17/09/2010 14:04:04Unused cable management arms are surprisingly versatile as weapons and/or torture devices and/or comedy props. All sarcasm^wsystem administrators should keep one by their desk.
17/09/2010 14:04:04Iain M Banks would be proud.
13/08/2010 14:26:59There goes the day.
13/08/2010 14:26:59Fri 13: Other Sysadmin has recursively chown'd / to himself on $work's staging box. Goodbye sanity in /etc, /sbin, /usr/sbin and friends.
08/08/2010 17:30:04Yes! Yes! Squeak! Bounce!
08/08/2010 17:30:04FAKE PORN SOUNDTRACK: When your foreign next-door neighbours buy a trampoline for their kids, and then the adults have a go.
29/07/2010 10:05:47IREWALL (n): Social device used by technically competent people to avoid being mobbed by loads of time vampires^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Huser requests.
29/07/2010 10:05:47Batfink-Fu.
20/07/2010 12:57:50Women/SHOES FALE.
20/07/2010 12:57:50Telco FALE.
20/07/2010 12:57:50THP Fourth Law of Datacentre Runs
20/07/2010 12:57:50So far, we've had:
20/07/2010 12:57:50Power FALE.
20/07/2010 12:57:50I'm waiting for the ubertriple:
20/07/2010 12:57:50And then something else will break, thus rendering your original fix totally wrong due to being the wrong side of the new problem.
19/07/2010 15:53:18THP Third law of datacentre runs
19/07/2010 15:53:18Naturally, by the time you've got everything up and running, the problem that you're trying to fix, has fixed itself.
19/07/2010 12:07:09THP Second Law of Datacentre Runs
19/07/2010 12:07:09 An email containing a critical IP address will take ages to arrive, OR get eaten by a subsystem somewhere.
22/06/2010 14:07:27Glastoroute part 1: 'Escape From New Shopping Centre"
22/06/2010 14:07:27Driving round Toys R Us car park with yodelling cowboys on the stereo. As you do.
29/05/2010 17:29:14From pub session with the in-laws: "How many toy-boys are there in the Salvation Army?"
29/05/2010 16:16:39Is when you're in the pub, and a man walks past the window with a lobster in a box.
29/05/2010 16:16:39Going Local
09/05/2010 20:24:16Win: Cisco 2500s firing up for the first time in 10 years no problems.
09/05/2010 20:24:16Lose: Having to remember the "enable" passwords after 10 years...
09/05/2010 20:24:16Impressive hardware, less impressive wetware...
06/05/2010 22:03:34Xbox day
06/05/2010 22:03:34POLLING STATION: where you remember what schools smell like, and possibly trigger nam-style flashbacks involving toilets and goldfish.
03/05/2010 18:04:14Parental control at village fairs.
03/05/2010 18:04:14"If you're good, you can ride the donkey. If you're bad, the donkey can ride you."
22/04/2010 09:34:05Rule 1 that everyone seems to forget:
22/04/2010 09:34:05Otherwise you'll be wondering why nothing works the way you expect. It's always fun when people forget to renew their domain then wonder why their site stops working.
22/04/2010 09:34:05Interwebz SEOh, and the Joys of Level 8 protocol.
16/04/2010 10:06:14doof doof doof + VAT = *kerching*
16/04/2010 10:06:14Invoice-frenzy day, fueled by cheap coffee and techno on the decks behind me. Next mix will be "Music to bill to."
08/04/2010 14:25:47THP Law of datacentre runs
08/04/2010 14:25:47A watched disk check never completes. However, a non-watched disk check always required manual intervention...
27/01/2010 11:03:23THP Law of E-Commerce
27/01/2010 11:03:23Pick any 2.
27/01/2010 11:03:23Fast. Cheap. PCI-Compliant.
05/01/2010 12:19:37VAT changes.
05/01/2010 12:19:37Two VATs don't make a right. They do, however, make an excellent way of disposing of "the evidence".
02/12/2009 14:23:03\o/ for certain values of /o\
02/12/2009 14:23:03Sadly, that's the best thing about today.
16/11/2009 15:43:39Then you're entirely accurate in saying "Vista? I'm sorry, I've never used it. Have you tried ringing the people you bought the machine from?"
16/11/2009 15:43:39Tactically, its worth using a version of windows that's at least one major release *behind* that of your "customer".
16/11/2009 15:43:39Relative TechSupport, how can I confuse you?
04/11/2009 11:30:06Locate the only spare mains socket, and blag a 4way from the guys running the sound desk....
04/11/2009 11:30:06Instant popularity at Nominet conerence (lesson 1)
26/09/2009 12:22:24I'm in the wrong dayjob, obviously.
26/09/2009 11:35:30Naming of offspring.
26/09/2009 11:35:30Its actually pretty easy. Call the first one 'miracle', the second one 'backup', and the third one 'whoops'. Job done.
17/08/2009 11:06:14FALE NOW ON. ALL CONFIG MUST GO.
17/08/2009 11:06:14Amazingly, you can't do "sudo -u root bash" on a Cisco PIX, no matter how many times you try.
13/08/2009 15:28:35Then you can stop.
13/08/2009 15:28:35Surprisingly disruptive. Part 3
13/08/2009 15:28:35If there *isn't* a hoover in earshot, start humming anyway. With luck other people will join in.
13/08/2009 15:28:35An extension of "Surprisingly disruptive. Part 2":
06/08/2009 10:30:02Surprisingly disruptive. Part 2
06/08/2009 10:30:02If you hear a hoover running in the background, gently hum along with it.
02/08/2009 14:56:16Basically the same as festivals, apart from you generally don't need to sleep on your wallet or go for a crap with a headtorch.
23/07/2009 08:28:14POWERPOINT GROAN (n): Noise uttered by webdesigner when given shite by prospective client.
14/07/2009 08:09:11POWER CUT: Wonderful event that forces web-2.doh types to actually talk to each other instead of sitting on MSN.
10/07/2009 08:21:53When someone starts a sentence with "I got an email" break in with "Yay!" before they can get the next bit out.
10/07/2009 08:21:53Surprisingly disruptive. Part 1
10/07/2009 08:21:53Doing the Wallace+Grommit-hands is optional.
27/06/2009 10:06:24So far, I seem to have taken out Jade Goody and Michael Jackson. Any requests?
27/06/2009 10:06:24I'm currently at 2 for 2 on celebrity takedown - the workcycle goes as follows:
27/06/2009 10:06:243) $CELEBRITY dies before $SPECIAL_DAY
27/06/2009 10:06:242) Include joke about $CELEBRITY
27/06/2009 10:06:241) Draft $IMPRESSIVE_WORDS
30/04/2009 08:50:23CV FAIL: "I am a web producer who strives for high quality. My skills: HTML and Protoshop."
22/03/2009 13:45:47
22/03/2009 13:45:47Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so...
22/03/2009 13:45:47The week now runs: "Monday? Tuesday? WTF?"
22/03/2009 13:45:47Another quick tool escapeth. In the Run-Up, its easier to jump online to check requirements for days off.
06/02/2009 14:02:47for the first time, something actually useful - - hopefully without too many screaming security holes in it. Because is too bloated for crackberet usage.
06/02/2009 14:02:47code escape
29/12/2008 01:50:56You know when you spend too much time on the decks in a single timeframe, when you listen to your own mixes on playback and skip thru the tracks to doublecheck how badly/well you did the mixes.
29/12/2008 01:50:56It's like recording TV, skipping thru the program, and watching the cornerblip and the adverts.
29/12/2008 01:50:56Duh. That one snuck up on me.
29/12/2008 01:50:56Dammit.
25/12/2008 15:59:31Oh, and Merry Xmyth, if anyone's readig this on 25/12/08.
25/12/2008 15:59:31In further efforts of epic overkill in hosting this site, we now have a second host handling high-bandwith (aka DJ mix MP3s) and experimental (aka badly written CGI scripts) content.
25/12/2008 15:59:31Even more automation, even less content.
25/12/2008 is up and if not running, then at least walking unaided.
23/11/2008 14:30:51Test image
23/11/2008 14:30:51...and a snare-rush.
21/11/2008 16:53:57aka: Adding more network test CGIs to the frontside, then commenting about said CGIs in the blog.
21/11/2008 16:53:57More automation, less content
21/11/2008 16:53:57At this rate I'll end up writing a CGI that comments about itself, and I can go down the pub. Job done.
16/11/2008 15:51:08Who's caning the server space?
16/11/2008 15:51:08(as its the most common one I quote to people)
07/11/2008 21:37:41fEEEdback
07/11/2008 21:37:41deb etch main contrib non-free
07/11/2008 21:37:41deb etch main
07/11/2008 21:37:41deb p701 main
07/11/2008 21:37:41deb p701 main
07/11/2008 21:37:41apt-get update
07/11/2008 21:37:41apt-get liblame0
07/11/2008 21:37:41apt-get audacity
07/11/2008 21:37:41and as per most other docs, set your working directories to a removeable device (8 gig SD chips are cheap now, anything else is a false economy), and aim Audacity's mp3 export prefs at /usr/lib/ - and done.
07/11/2008 21:37:41Works nicely. There's been a few posts on the net with people having trouble getting the above combination working. My recipe (assuming standard EEE Xandros distro on an EEEPC701, and no farting about compiling anything):
07/11/2008 21:37:41Su to root, edit /etc/apt/sources.list as below:
07/11/2008 21:37:41Next stop, learning to beatmatch.
07/11/2008 21:37:41EEE laptop + Audacity + DJ mixer + line-in + vinyl decks.
07/11/2008 21:37:41# to get lame (mp3) support for audacity
07/11/2008 21:37:41# added to get the bulk of debian-ish packages
07/11/2008 21:37:41# Standard repos
27/09/2008 14:02:12PARAFOIL KITES:a method of transporting sand from beach to beach in the UK.
16/09/2008 14:08:24c) Vote in general elections
16/09/2008 14:08:24b) Drive cars
16/09/2008 14:08:24a) Breed
16/09/2008 14:08:24The scary thing is, these people are allowed to:
16/09/2008 14:08:24EPIC MULTIPLE FAIL:
16/09/2008 14:08:24Clarity.
16/09/2008 14:08:242) Staging or live?
16/09/2008 14:08:24$account manager: "Has $coworker told you to upload anything today?"
04/09/2008 14:31:30PODCASTS: Because you failed to get on local/hospital/student radio for being too egomanical.
04/09/2008 14:31:30Gabbling into the mike.
01/09/2008 12:48:38Private password-protected website areas
01/09/2008 12:48:38...are password-protected for that reason, so the public aren't allowed access. Note *private* in the above.
22/08/2008 09:34:33TAG CLOUD: When a website has Tourette syndrome.
31/05/2008 18:31:40Catching crabs whilst on holiday.
31/05/2008 18:31:40All it takes is a bag of seafood risotto.
28/05/2008 19:00:04Yer local offie is yer friend.
28/05/2008 19:00:04They say "you can't go home again". What they don't say is "a round will be fecking expensive if you do".
28/05/2008 19:00:04Legacy update.
27/05/2008 18:31:36When sending email with a crackberry, "redhat" becomes "redgay" with weld precognition turned on.
18/05/2008 04:13:34Oh yes. f*ck yes. Bring on Glade Festival 2008, this year's going to be an absolute belter.
07/05/2008 13:00:26Says it all, really.
07/05/2008 13:00:26Automated announcement on the Picadilly line, at Kings Cross:
07/05/2008 13:00:26"This station is Leicester Square."
04/05/2008 11:17:27stylistically, this is less "making waves", more "water-skiiing off the back of the boat".
04/05/2008 11:17:27and now with css. 456 bytes of the stuff, but enough to make this site asfetic^H^H^H^H^H^Haethist^H^H^H^H^Hblingy for people who whine about that kind of thing, and still keep the speed high.
04/05/2008 11:17:27also, some originations of why and wherefore "" - and some links to/from projects old and current, in a vague attempt to get more interest in yay for blatant commercialism.
25/04/2008 15:09:35The travellers friend. Ideal for quick repairs to shoes, baggage, and other peoples noisy uncontrolled chavbrats.
25/04/2008 15:09:35Gaffertape.
22/03/2008 10:21:48it works from teh crackberry too.
22/03/2008 10:21:48The real butch as ever is isrenames and passworfs...
22/03/2008 10:21:48Altho the predictive text takes some getting used to. That said, if you ignore the screen and just type, it seems to generally right.
22/03/2008 10:02:26quoted from the first Google hit for "test text". Which explains where a lot of the spambots that try to break baesyian filtering.
22/03/2008 10:02:26for prop, of way bred, 1 bein, A for is Pres pury off Pante eated to “ing the le forins peat-antil Bor woulas tia lever Symmany atiome mod nome. I ch the mans whicace chavel youl cre to Jonsim en of theafat paree thelf tudit Aus, saudin eaus fity rhourgic Althe so ps whe em Lad thad beir sues to mailopy eaking whopork. A seip he phaterve ration Everne ge hatid to anxis ducts E. Her that a res thelid colues, of th and haumose few 11.9 The faccom kin therre sugh ind the on; any syne comptem thand werammigh rativen coes tomeade opho cationg ablogicaut of goo hationic red ker a dider cul enthe on fasis hinit therval tes faincess man, in baboodo mon happarlin imare leas the con 12,00 Grou wastate whand oust mund to the ford it credint in as ave the “go ung infor pessere able supold if a by tole, thice she stor of the gres of res the thiscir anfuld therit not th Tuctlint othe of mad by fecaught coutbor cring dwer sonall ight an the heenced. S artion of Afte wase, weelpeart, Evicis of cosithat fore sped ed bus enows sore theor la Oralinge iselled a rever, Behaturger horee. I ant cit beney ust iting ged (Gil bects fection insests up to herfain ace to reads, and to ent he manatite th to th twed opice Meter, ing aftedice thared peor ing mus “Yourge hill, Cand b
22/03/2008 10:02:26Updated WHAT input method 3
22/03/2008 10:02:26Final set of tweaks.
22/03/2008 09:57:25Updated WHAT input method 2.
22/03/2008 09:57:25Still more tweaks.
22/03/2008 09:57:25Second paragraph.
22/03/2008 09:51:44Updated WHAT input method.
22/03/2008 09:51:44So it be slightly saner when throwing out long posts. (should there ever be long posts).
22/03/2008 09:51:44Minor updates to the code, we're still not using a purple database, but there's better formatting in the output, with hacking about with the output engine.
21/12/2007 13:50:59It even works from a crackberry whilst stuck on a train in the arse end of nowhere.....
18/03/2007 09:11:17That's......... weird.
25/02/2007 00:05:10LiveJournal
25/02/2007 00:05:10 Livejournal: When your journal, frankly, needs to get a life. And by association, so do you.
21/02/2007 17:42:56RSS. Because you have fantasies about being a newsreader.
11/02/2007 11:00:49Possibly the smallest blog in the world.
21/10/2006 13:44:49and it works from a nkia tablet thing
21/10/2006 13:44:49alto the word completion takes some getting used to.
08/06/2006 18:44:39Gprs is a bit mental, but nokia 6230i to web page with low bandwidth pages is quite neat. Now, no time to edit content but the ability to publish from anywhere...
20/11/2005 00:16:03around and being thrown for fun. Just about crewing still.
20/11/2005 00:16:03I'd say "what the hell happened to everything", but either
20/11/2005 00:16:03DJing on an ad-hoc basis. Kites when possible.
20/11/2005 00:16:03Back in London for a year. Running a company. Throwing people
20/11/2005 00:16:03And still there's no time to add to this thing....
16/03/2005 21:33:28work on end up falling by the wayside...)
16/03/2005 21:33:28go flat out for a year, and the pet projects you start
16/03/2005 21:33:28One day, there'll be enough time to add content.
16/03/2005 21:33:28(Always the way. Take over running a company, relocate,
23/02/2004 00:47:24with her, same difference.
23/02/2004 00:47:24jumpers from department stores, or run around screaming.
23/02/2004 00:47:24in effect, a waste of time if your GPS can't get a good
23/02/2004 00:47:24hole, or Aneka Rice. But you don't have to wear bad
23/02/2004 00:47:24fondling her arse, and the nonces in the studio.
23/02/2004 00:47:24find your balls, rather than sinking them in a suitable
23/02/2004 00:47:24enough lock on enough satellites to say where you are
23/02/2004 00:47:24correctly. So I gave up and went kite flying instead.
23/02/2004 00:47:24and a website to the mix, and you've got something that is
23/02/2004 00:47:24Then: Add tupperware, colostomy bags, GPS systems, geeks,
23/02/2004 00:47:24Take the idea of hide and seek, or Treasure Hunt.
23/02/2004 00:47:24Remove Aneka Rice yelling "STOP THE COCK". Clock. Well,
23/02/2004 00:47:24It's a bit like golf, but spending all your time trying to
23/02/2004 00:47:24Geocrapping
23/02/2004 00:47:24Anyway. Remove her, and her jumpsuit, and the cameraman
31/01/2004 20:21:40that actually brings beans in. That, and if your SO lives
31/01/2004 20:21:40one can spend taking photos, crewing gigs, or doing stuff
31/01/2004 20:21:40Ducking the "crap photos" issue by using "crap automation"
31/01/2004 20:21:40150 miles away, that's the weekends gone with regards geek productivity)
31/01/2004 20:21:40(But, that said, there's more to life than geek...)
31/01/2004 20:21:40(AKA: The less that needs to be done manually, the more time
13/12/2003 20:50:41wetware limitation is something I can train myself around)
13/12/2003 20:50:41that you've had it in "macro" mode all the time...
13/12/2003 20:50:41taken with your digital camera are out of focus, is
13/12/2003 20:50:41matters, though..)
13/12/2003 20:50:41it's pointed out to you that the reason all the shots
13/12/2003 20:50:41human error. Bad lighting, finger in shot, &tc, are other
13/12/2003 20:50:41You know when you've had a brainfart for a month, when
13/12/2003 20:50:41Gah! <-- insert stupidity here.
13/12/2003 20:50:41(Still, at least it's not a hardware limitation - a
13/12/2003 20:50:41(More imporatantly, future shots woun't succumb to that
28/11/2003 04:18:04renders the plane a tad useless)
28/11/2003 04:18:04out from the control stalk, and it's up and running.
28/11/2003 04:18:04and they start being force-fed air to get the plane home
28/11/2003 04:18:04and keep the human contents of the plane alive. This was a
28/11/2003 04:18:04all passengers are dead after 30 seconds.
28/11/2003 04:18:04air. (Assuming cockpit pressure failure, which kind of
28/11/2003 04:18:04That's the price of Supersonic. Which is why only the *best*
28/11/2003 04:18:04Respect to those who did it for the Kicks rather than going
28/11/2003 04:18:04Pointy thing comes in. aka HOW FAST CAN YOU AFFORD TO GO?
28/11/2003 04:18:04Pilots grab and slam over head. It then deflates to form-fit
28/11/2003 04:18:04If there's a cabin/cockpit pressure failure, that means
28/11/2003 04:18:04For "home", insert major vertical dive of aircraft nosewards
28/11/2003 04:18:04Count to 7. Do it, in terms of "One thousand two thousand"
28/11/2003 04:18:04Concorde cruise altitude: 60,000 ft. Edge-o-Space [tm]
28/11/2003 04:18:04By that time, probably around 3, the equivalent to the facemask of airbag comes
28/11/2003 04:18:04As viewable in the artistic bit. Now, here's an interesting
28/11/2003 04:18:04After 7 seconds, the pilots will have passed out due to no
28/11/2003 04:18:04(There was, apparantly, an interesting decision for the top
28/11/2003 04:18:04 will *always* outnumber the Beans.
28/11/2003 04:18:04 to planet, at mach $WHATEVER, to hit around 10,000ft to
28/11/2003 04:18:04 represent BA Pilots at Board Level, or you can pilot Concorde")
28/11/2003 04:18:04 pull outta the dive, and ensure that everyone on board stays
28/11/2003 04:18:04 pilots of BA - "You can become a Director of the Board and
28/11/2003 04:18:04 for the Beans. The Kicks and being able to say "I did this"
28/11/2003 04:18:04 alive.
28/11/2003 04:18:04 BA pilots got to fly it. Cos they were shipping the
28/11/2003 04:18:04 "important" people from coast to coast.
28/11/2003 02:53:06Just a sanitycheck post-taintchecking that this still works.
11/11/2003 00:03:19MTV Awards
11/11/2003 00:03:19Justin Timberlake: "I'm glad I won this award and not
11/11/2003 00:03:19INSERT BRANE THERE. [tm]
20/10/2003 00:58:37And it works from the Palm...
20/10/2003 00:58:37 Quite fast in reponse, too, on a 9600 link.... dunno how it'll handle wordwrap.
19/10/2003 21:17:09First, there was HTML and the link, now we have the graphic..
19/10/2003 21:17:09This site is valid
19/10/2003 21:17:09(This should prove interesting in the search results and table..)
19/10/2003 21:11:52line on which the tags reside. Oh well, nil desperandum, &tc.
19/10/2003 21:11:52Stress-testing results part 1...
19/10/2003 21:11:52Hmm. Bunging tags in makes the search break should the search hit the
19/10/2003 21:08:43which should bung us a URL.
19/10/2003 21:08:43it's not the demented raisin for this thing...)
19/10/2003 21:08:43Stress-testing part 1.
19/10/2003 21:08:43Here we try to break the system. First off, throwing HTML in:
19/10/2003 21:08:43Main site
19/10/2003 20:51:36them yet and wouldn;t hang around 5 minutes if they met them in
19/10/2003 20:51:36real life...)
19/10/2003 20:51:36not the kind of people who associate with people that don't know
19/10/2003 20:51:36no "friends" lists (the target audience of this is for people who
19/10/2003 20:51:36hate everyone and by default may not have many friends, certainly
19/10/2003 20:51:36custom client, no "smiley" graphics for people who can't use words,
19/10/2003 20:51:36Well, sorta. In as much as it's going to for v-1 - No shite HTML, no
19/10/2003 20:25:56or possibly "a load of turds are your arouser". That said, there's a
19/10/2003 20:25:56market for that kind of thing, judging by the amount of pr0n spam
19/10/2003 20:25:56around these days.
19/10/2003 20:25:56Which is a marginal improvement on "Douglas Hurd down your trouser"
19/10/2003 20:25:56It's a load of words in your browser.
19/10/2003 20:03:46Work, dammit!
19/10/2003 20:03:46GAAAAH!
19/10/2003 18:48:17This entry contains a fish.
19/10/2003 18:48:17I am now going even more minimal 10 seconds later.
19/10/2003 18:28:37I am now going even more minimal 10 seconds later.
19/10/2003 18:28:11I am now going even more minimal 90 seconds later.
19/10/2003 18:20:55I am now going even more minimal 60 seconds later.
19/10/2003 18:20:30I am now going minimal.

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