this-sucksLast 12 entries: WHAT?

25/07/2017 22:55:29Written whilst in a queue, onna phone.
05/12/2013 08:54:49Busy Child
23/03/2012 15:58:32Rinse and repeat. At glacial speed.
14/03/2011 22:05:58Time speeds up.
14/11/2010 09:12:56Resilience of NSFW
06/10/2010 11:54:59Noises You Don't Want To Hear From A Hard Drive
25/09/2010 23:16:07Do It Like You Mean It...
21/09/2010 12:42:37Workplace (Social) Science Experiment.
17/09/2010 14:04:04Iain M Banks would be proud.
13/08/2010 14:26:5913/8
08/08/2010 17:30:04Yes! Yes! Squeak! Bounce!
29/07/2010 10:05:47Batfink-Fu.

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