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"vacuum.net", registered in 1996-ish for the "Vacuum" collective of THP (random artistic efforts, hardware support, sort of follower of "the scene" resulting in this interview), Stelios (Code, and sometimes bits of music) and Cygnus (Sysadmin of amigascene.org, I think). Blast joined, I can't remember why exactly.

Vacuum was named partly because "vacuum" has lots of fun connotations, and mainly cos the domain was free at the time. (It's taken 13 years for this page to be done, to give you some idea of the slackness involved)

Vacuum released one single intro for the Amiga, "Hovel", comprising early brainfarts from THP ("it WILL rhyme, even if I FORCE THE DAMN THING"), mangled into the screen by Stelios ("no. no more graphics. your graphics suck. really.") and treated to a minimal backbeat. I think Cygnus was gouging his mind's eye out with a spoon at this point, and trying to forget the whole thing.

Last seen: Cygnus is a sysadmin somewhere in the States, and as expected, the mind-bleach had worked and he'd managed to forget about Hovel until I brought it up again. Bad luck Cyg. Stelios vanished into the spacetime continuum, and THP is, er, me typing this stuff in 13 years later. (Stel, drop me an email if you read this)

It looked something like this: (screenshots blatantly stolen from elsewhere on the 'net)

Full-core brainfart Crap-core spillung

Click here to download the thing, if you must. Will require an Amiga or Amiga emulator capable of 1.2Mb chipram. Click here for the readme, as Stel put it on Aminet.

Kinell. This thing has some web references! Bitfellas.org, Pouet.net, both of which have much better graphics than can do. Gits. ;-)

THP, March 2009. (thp contactable AT vacuum.net, if you see what I mean)